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  • 19 injured as bus plunges
  • 19 injured as bus plunges
  • 19 injured as bus plunges
  • 19 injured as bus plunges
  • 19 injured as bus plunges

Rastriya Samachar Samiti

By Rastriya Samachar Samiti

Published: 11:57 am Jul 14, 2023

  • 19 injured as bus plunges
  • 19 injured as bus plunges
  • 19 injured as bus plunges
  • 19 injured as bus plunges
  • 19 injured as bus plunges

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Justice remains elusive for persons with disabilities Justice remains elusive for persons with disabilities


A vast majority of persons with disabilities rarely opt for the formal process of justice thinking that they have to undergo more suffering and that they are stigmatised, discriminated and misbehaved with while seeking justice.

For the third time this week, Earth sets an unofficial heat record

Call to address rights of persons with disabilities

According to a report recently published by the National Human Rights Commission, persons with disabilities are compelled to approach the authorities time and again and spend more time to get justice. "Against this backdrop, they prefer to tolerate the injustice ratherthan approach the authorities for justice," warned the report.

Delivering justice to them is often delayed by agencies such as district police office, district administration office, court and local level. Unnecessary delay in delivering justice to people with special needs, especially persons with disabilities, remains a barrier to justice accessibility for them, the rights body said.

Even more worrisome is that persons with disabilities are usually discouraged by their own family and society from taking on formal legal course when they are misbehaved, discriminated and victimised in any other form. "Instead of encouraging and helping them go through legal course of justice, they are discouraged and demotivated by portraying them otherwise," read the report.

Most of the persons with disabilities in Nepal are dependent on others and do not have their own income source to bear the expenses incurred while seeking formal process of justice. "In many cases, they do not have money to pay court fee, travel expense and food, compelling them to tolerate any injustice done to them. Furthermore, most persons with disabilities cannot approach the authorities alone and need a caretaker for the same. However, family members and other people rarely support them in that regard. Road infrastructure and office buildings are not disabled-friendly," the NHRC warned.

The constitution and national and international laws recognise that persons with disabilities enjoy legal capacity on an equal basis with others in all aspects of life. While access to justice is fundamental for the enjoyment and fulfilment of all human rights, many barriers prevent persons with disabilities from accessing justice on equal basis with others. Such barriers include restrictions on the exercise of legal capacity, lack of physical access to justice facilities such as courts and police stations, lack of accessible transportation to and from these facilities, obstacles in accessing legal assistance and representation, lack of information in accessible formats, paternalistic or negative attitudes questioning the abilities of persons with disabilities to participate during all phases of the administration of justice and lack of training for professionals working in the field of justice.

In the justice system, persons with disabilities are often considered unworthy, unable to benefit from or even likely to be harmed by due process of protection provided to all other citizens.

The International Principles and Guidelines on Access to Justice for Persons with Disabilities states that all persons with disabilities have legal capacity and, therefore, no one shall be denied access to justice on the basis of disability.

However, they still suffer due to deprivation in various walks of life, mainly the justice system.

The NHRC has called on the government to ensure that persons with disabilities enjoy justice on equal basis with others through effective implementation of the laws.

A version of this article appears in the print on July 14, 2023, of The Himalayan Times.

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KATHMANDU, JULY 13Airline operators have actually expressed strong reservations versus the decisions of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal to deal with the recurring concerns in the air travel sector. CAAN executes new helicopter security regulations after deadly Manang Air crash Secondary school education in Nepal: What does the new result show? While airline company operators want to coordinate with the regulatory body to reinforce air security and curb air mishaps, the reactive decisions following the deadly crash of a Manang Air helicopter without discussions with stakeholders is a matter of issue, airline operators say. Any airline company running in the nation will have a group of specialists working with or for the business.

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KATHMANDU, JULY 13Lumpy skin disease has been identified in Manang district. A veterinarian at the Veterinary Hospital and Livestock Service Expert Centre, Manang, Narayan Kusum said the bumpy skin illness was found on an ox reared by a farmer of Chame rural municipality-2, Thanchowk. Elina Svitolina has the Ukraine war and her child in mind as she beats Iga Swiatek at Wimbledon Bumpy Skin Disease Outbreak: Over 7,000 Cattle dead, 30,000 contaminated in Bajura

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KATHMANDU, JULY 13The federal government has actually said that discussions are on regarding implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) task. National Assembly conference delayed till July 9 What was that thing on Djokovic's chest at the French Open? He jokes it's connected to Iron Man The agreement on BRI was reached in 2017, no choice has been made so far on the modality of moving ahead the projects.Before this, Ambassador of China to Nepal, Chen Song had actually claimed during the inauguration of Pokhara International Airport on January 1, 2023 that a job under the BRI has been implemented.Foreign Affairs Minister Saud nevertheless stated that no task has been moved ahead under the BRI prior to this as well.As he stated, feasibility study of the Kerung-Kathmandu Railway and the Inter-country Power Transmission Line in between the 2 countries is being carried out. These tasks were signed throughout the go to of China's then Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Nepal in March 2022. Nepal's diplomatic efforts are directed towards structure independent opinion on international issues on the basis of benefits and demerits, voting and making the international ties just, fair, accountable and cooperative, FM Saud added.During the consideration on budget and programme designated for the Foreign Ministry and secondary bodies under the Appropriation Bill, 2060, previous Foreign Minister Bimala Paudyal Rai asked whether Nepal is deviated from the non-aligned foreign policy.Stating that Nepal has been strengthening and broadening relations with other countries consisting of neighjbouring countries on the basis of universal equality, shared respect and advantage, Minister Saud mentioned that Nepal has actually had the ability to achieve credibility and regard in the world due to the independent, well balanced, unbiased and unbiased viewpoint it has adopted.Foreign Minister Saud had actually taken part in the Summit of Non-Aligned Movement held at Baku of Azerbaijan from July 3-6. The Foreign Minister briefed the upper house of the Federal Parliament about his address in the Summit. I had revealed dedication of the Government of Nepal on cooperation for additional highlighting the relevance and significance of the Non-Aligned Movement in the shifting global scenario as well as laid emphasis on solidarity and collaboration of Non-Aligned Movement member countries for the resolution of burning political and financial concerns of the world. I would like to make it clear that Nepal's dedication towards adopting non-aligned foreign policy is consistent, he shared.

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