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Militants bury their dead after Israeli blitz leaves anger aimed at ‘weak& Palestinian Authority

Palestinian militant fighters paraded in Jenin yesterday and angry crowds confronted senior Palestinian Authority officials, accusing them of weakness, after one of the largest Israeli military operations in the occupied West Bank in 20 years.

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Car rams crowded Tel Aviv bus stop as Israeli army winds down raid on refugee camp

A Hamas militant rammed his car into a crowded Tel Aviv bus stop and began stabbing people, wounding eight in an attack seeking revenge for an Israeli military offensive in the occupied West Bank.

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Palestinian car and knife attacker injures eight in Tel Aviv as death toll from Israeli raids rises to 10

A Palestinian man drove his car into a crowded bus stop in Tel Aviv and then began stabbing people, hurting eight in an attack praised by the Islamist militant group Hamas as a response to Israel&s ongoing military operation in the occupied West Bank.

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Israel launches biggest incursion into the West Bank in two decades

Israel struck targets in a militant stronghold in the occupied West Bank and deployed hundreds of troops yesterday in an incursion that resembled the broad attacks carried out during the second Palestinian uprising two decades ago. Palestinian health officials said at least eight Palestinians were killed and dozens wounded.

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Five killed in Israeli raid on Palestinian camp of Jenin

Israeli drones attacked a camp in the occupied West Bank early today killing five people, according to Palestinians.

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Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu sought crates of champagne and cigars, film mogul tells corruption trial

A TOP Hollywood producer has told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu&s corruption trial that he routinely delivered tens of thousands of dollars of champagne, cigars and other gifts requested by the Israeli leader.

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