Amazon, Alphabet, Alibaba, Facebook, Tencent - five of the world's 10 most valuable companies, all less than 25 years old - and all got rich, in their own ways, on data.

No wonder it's become common to call data the "new oil". As recently as 2011, five of the top 10 were oil companies. Now, only ExxonMobil clings on.

The analogy isn't perfect.

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Image copyrightNeonImage caption Neon designs avatars to be new, virtual "friends"

"Artificial humans" - virtual characters - have been shown off by Samsung-backed start-up Neon at the CES tech show in Las Vegas.

Neon says it intends its virtual characters to act like digital "friends".

However, one tech industry

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CES 2020: Manta5's electric bike rides on water - TheIndianSubcontinent News

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Image copyrightEPAImage caption Ms Trump was interviewed on stage in a packed auditorium

Ivanka Trump's appearance at the CES tech show went smoothly, despite controversy surrounding her invitation.

Some had criticised a decision to give her a "keynote" slot, saying other women had more expertise in the field.


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Image copyrightASA

Social media influencer Molly Mae has become the latest in a string of reality stars to have a complaint upheld against her by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

A complaint claimed that a post on her Instagram about an outfit from online retailer Pretty Little Thing was not identifiable as an advert.

PLT claimed the post

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CES 2020: Juno 'reverse microwave oven' cools drinks in seconds - TheIndianSubcontinent News

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