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Bollywood background dancers look for help to survive
'Earlier I'd send money back home.' 'Now I've to take from them.' 'I'm completely heartbroken, scared for what the future holds.'

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WATCH Ronit Roy make fine music
'I hate 'fakeism'.' 'People don't love who you are, they love what you have achieved.' ' Only your success counts.'

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'Pataal Lok is political'
'We wanted to explore the divisions in India -- be it class, caste, language, religion or gender.'

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Will These New Jodis Make Box Office Magic?
Joginder Tuteja lists more never-seen-before jodis coming up in the movies.

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Why Anil Kapoor cried at his wedding
'Many people prophesied that marrying so early would be disastrous for my career, but all I knew was that I did not want to waste another day without her.'

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Starry Pix To Improve Your Lockdown Mood
Bollywood stars have been posting interesting pictures on their Instagram pages, reflecting on the good old days when they would don designer wear and pose for the paps.

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